NEW Steps On How To Quit Your Job And Travel 2022

NEW Steps On How To Quit Your Job And Travel 2022

A lot of people dream of taking time off work or even quitting work entirely to travel the world.

Most times this remains a dream, however it is possible to turn it to reality.
The decision to quit your job and travel is an important and critical decision which is not to
be taken lightly.

Before you make this decision you most analyze if leaving your job is the
best choice for you. This is because quitting a job and traveling the world is a big change.

You’ll need to keep in mind some considerations before you make this decision such as tips
on searching for jobs when you’re ready to transition back to work, how long you intend to
travel, would you be travelling for a few weeks, months or a much longer time?

If so, you might be able to take an extended vacation rather than quit your job. 
Traveling allows you a change of scenery, broadens your perspective and allows you to
experience new culture and career paths.

While quitting your job to travel is definitely challenging with proper preparation it is much easier to undertake.

Below are some of the most important steps on How to Quit your Job and Travel:

  • Budget And Money: How Much Do You Need to Save?
    The most important part of your preparation should go into funding. Traveling would cost
    approximately $15,000 (USD) per year per person from estimates made from travel blogs
    and accounts of popular travel bloggers. Make sure you have this amount of money in your
    bank accounts with extra if possible. This fund should cover everything from food,
    accommodation, flights, and everything else in between. If you’re buying lunch every day
    and going out on the weekends, this is probably less than that total sum.
  • Deciding How Long You Want to Travel
    Depending on your choice you can decide to travel indefinitely if you have the means to do
    so. Anywhere from 1-3 years travelers often tend to be open minded when planning trips
    and when they will be ready to get back to work. On your journey you will likely meet
    other travelers like this, but it is more advisable to set time limits as this helps with
    spending. You can test out with planning your travel for four to eight months, and in this
    amount of time you can definitely get a good feel for long-term travel.
  • What To Do with All Your Belonging when Traveling
    You should travel with the bare minimum therefore you’re left with a dilemma. Where do
    you put all your belongings: clothes, bed, etc. An option is to sell or donate almost

    You can donate clothes to homeless shelters or sell to supermarts like buffalo
    exchange. If you have furniture, you can put them in storage or sell. Other random stuff that
    usually lay around the house can be given out or thrown away.
  • Choosing A Start Location
    Your starting location when planning how to quit your job and travel is entirely based on
    your personal preference. You might be advised to start where you can get cheaper rates.
    You also need to consider how much it will cost to travel to certain regions. Traveling in
    Western Europe (France, UK, Spain, etc.) is much more expensive than traveling to South
    American and Asian countries.
    From experiences available, Central Asia is the cheapest travel destination (Georgia, Turkey).
    The daily budget per person should be kept around $ 20-23. Certain countries in South
    America can also be travelled very cheaply eg. (Peru, Bolivia).
  • Consider Your Travel Route
    This is another very important step to plan. If you have a wish list of countries you’ll like to
    visit. It is advisable to check out the best route to travel and how they fit geographically so
    you don’t end up with unnecessary long flights and other travel expenses. Also planning the
    best routes to visit tourist attractions can help give you the best experience during your trip.

Jobs That Allow You To Travel

If you love travelling then here are some jobs which put you on the travel path, or are you
planning how to quit your job and travel and need suggestions for paying jobs to augment
your travel savings? You can combine your love for travelling with the following jobs:

Foreign Service Worker

If you want to combine your love of travel with your love of the country, a career as a civil
servant or foreign service specialist may be right for you. The best-known Foreign Ministry
job is a US diplomat, but there are many other career paths that allow you to meet and
interact with foreign governments.

The US State Department has posted details of these jobs on its website. With over 250 embassies around the world, there are many travel options.

International Aid Worker

If you travel to earn a living and at the same time really want to make a difference in people’s
lives, you should consider working for an international aid organization like USAID.

While working at USAID, you can visit the struggling countries and help the inhabitants recover
from dire situations such as natural disasters and famine. It requires a background in related
fields such as health, agriculture and education, and a strong interest in social work.

International Tour Guide

Imagine spending days guiding fellow travel enthusiasts in a bustling European metropolis.
Or maybe a small village is your style. Wherever you go, popular destinations always need a
friendly and knowledgeable guide to take tourists to the city’s attractions and cultural

This International Living article provides tips and insider knowledge for an
ambitious international tour guide.

Massage Therapist

If you plan to visit popular tourist destinations, you should consider learning about massage
therapy. You can work in a hotel chain, spa, cruise line or start your own business. Qualified
massage therapists can calm and relax travelers and locals.

Even if you start with a beginner’s price, you can continue to increase your price as your customer base and skills grow. Also, massage therapists usually have a flexible schedule for working full-time or part-

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) helps you find discounts on
training programs, business tools and even consumables.

Peace Corps Volunteer

As the title “Volunteer” suggests, the Peace Corps is open to people. But if you don’t mind
living on a budget, you can be part of a valuable organization that allows you to travel the
world while making a difference in the lives of others.

The mission usually lasts for two years and involves promoting education, health care, economics and agricultural development in overseas communities. Peace Corps also offers housing and medical benefits, not to mention the excellent issues of resumes.


If you’re used to cameras, consider becoming a travel photographer. Media outlets like the
Associated Press need a salaryman photographer, but they can also make a living as a
freelancer. travel photographers are needed in a variety of places, including tourist
attractions, local events and luxury resorts. Follow the steps in online guides or take a skill
sharing course to start your journey.


With the help of this amazing guide, you will find planning how to quit your job and travel much easier, we have provided some very important preparations you should read through and put into action. Make that decision today to travel around the world and experience new cultures.

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