Thu. May 26th, 2022

The former Real Madrid player has since his arrival at PSG been set back by an injury

Although Paris Saint German have confirmed that they were aware of his injury before sealing his move, but it’s likely they would terminate his contract.

A report which has been disclosed from Paris suggests that the Parisians are getting tired of having Ramos sit on the bench and do nothing due to his injury.

Time and patience have been given for his recovery but sadly the Spaniard is yet to make his debut for PSG.

With his future now becoming uncertain ahead of the January transfer window, Ramos destination remains unknown.

Not yet confirmed if he would finally be leaving but it’s likely if things remain unchanged the he won’t remain with PSG after January.

Amid all these unrest, a source close to United has disclosed that the club did receive suggestion offer from Ramos’ camp.

The 35-year-old was linked to a Man United move before he sealed the trip to PSG and then Man United went on to land Raphael Varane.

According to the reports, Ramos is interested in moving to Manchester United if things go south at Paris Saint German.

On his own end, he isn’t forcing any move to happen but his link with Man United that is been established newly serves as a backup incase it goes wrong at Parc Des Princes.

Ramos was spotted training today with hopes of making an appearance soon enough for Pochettino’s side.

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