Sun. May 29th, 2022

Man United were once again saved by a superb Cristiano Ronaldo who went home with the Man of the Match award

United arriving Atalanta was with the motive of extending their winning spell but sadly they were met with a prepared Atalanta side.

The Italians were sure still bittered for having slumped during the first leg to hand Man United a come back victory.

So the game on Tuesday night was indeed a stunner as one side seek for revenge while the other seek to extend their winning spirit.

But both teams managed to share points and Man United have Ronaldo to thank for that following the Portuguese late strike.

A proper link up with Bruno Fernandes in the 18-yard box provided Ronaldo with the nicest opportunity to bring United back on level ground and also net his brace.

Just at the end of the half, Atalanta’s manager was spotted with Ronaldo but until lately, it remained unknown what both men were discussing.

After the game, Atalanta’s manager said; “We believed we could do it. It looked like they [United] were all out of puff but we came up against an incredible player tonight.”

“Ronaldo?” He continued.

“This boy is incredible. I never see him kick out. Out of ten shots, he takes the goal nine times and scores five. In the end I said to him: ‘Do you know what they say in Italy? Go to that country .

“I heard some even managed to say Ronaldo was a problem, imagine that! He rarely gets it off target. I told him something in Italian, which I will censor for television, but I told him to leave me alone.”

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