Sun. May 29th, 2022

Ronaldo played a major role in Man United stormed Tottenham in a 3-0 victory

The Red Devils had the upper hand today as came through to triumph over Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs managed to hold a full squad Man United to a first half draw but slumped right in the second half as United came in to land severe blows.

United’s first goal was produced from a stunning strike from Cristiano Ronaldo before he also provided a sensational assist to Edinson Cavani who landed the second blow.

Marcus Rashford came on to net the last goal of the game as United take home all three points.

Ronaldo’s combo with Cavani clearly provided a different result compared to the past games he has been partnering with Mason Greenwood.

Although Man United came on with a total formation which fielded 5 defenders and gave them more defensive composure while their attackers play their own roles.

Speaking after the game, Ronaldo shared what it felt like partnering with Edinson Cavani to produce such superb goal.

“The goals are great goals, am happy that we helped the team to win,” Ronaldo said.

“I like the way I and Cavani understand each other, hopefully we can help the team win more games.”

Asked if partnering with Cavani felt same way like partnering with Greenwood, Ronaldo continued, “Not at all, there are clear differences.

“Anyone can see Cavani is more aged and has more experience that Greenwood but that still doesn’t change Greenwood is an exception player.

“A brilliant kid who will score many goals for the club.

Man United will have more stronger test when they face Atalanta for their Champions League tie with Ole Solskjaer’s job still on the line despite win against Spurs today.

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