Sun. May 29th, 2022

Man United are considering sacking Ole Solskjaer but that would be if he loses his next three games

Following their 5-0 humiliating loss against Liverpool, Man United are pushing to get the club back in shape despite still having Ole Solskjaer as Manager.

Calls for the Manager’s sack was highly made by several persons around the globe but the Board refused to show him the exit door.

Instead, they decided to hand him a lifeline of proving himself with the next three games which aren’t even easy tasks.

Tottenham, Manchester City and Atalanta are who United will be battling next before the break and losing any of these matches could mean immediate sack for Ole Solskjaer.

The United Board also didn’t push to sack Ole immediately because they considered the fact that he is a club Legend and should be treated in some special way.

But former United attacker, Wayne Rooney has shared that status doesn’t matter when the team is at stake.

According to Rooney, Legends shouldn’t be considered at this state the club is in.

Man United despite securing the return of Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling to win matches due to following orders from Ole Solskjaer.

“That doesn’t matter now,” Rooney replied to a reporter who asked him if Ole Solskjaer’s status as Legend matters at this stage the club is in.

“Some measures have to be employed when the time is right, when the club isn’t going well,” Rooney continued.

“They have lost many games already and with the way the Premier League has turned out to be, they could end up not competing for the trophy this season.

“It’s still time to save the club now, but a little more delay would waste their chances.

“Am also a Man United fan, I love the club dearly and seeing the link seeing the loses only hurts me like everyone else.”

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