Sun. May 29th, 2022

Ole Solskjaer will have to beat Tottenham Hotspur in order to save his job at United after getting backing from Sir Alex Ferguson

Man United’s next game against Tottenham is a very decisive one for Ole Solskjaer as he is already hanging on a rope at United.

The Board made known to him that losing the next game could mean him being axed before the international break.

The club is thirsty for trophies and Ole Solskjaer is clearly not leading them to that path but it’s strange seeing Sir Alex Ferguson still supporting Solskjaer.

Probably for the reason that he is a club Legend and also Ferguson shared that he had bad days too as United manager.

Prior United’s match against Tottenham, Sir Alex Ferguson has shared to Ole Solskjaer what formation to use against the North London side.

According to sources, Ferguson has advised Solskjaer to return to the old fashioned 4-4-2 formation as he believes this would at first help eradicate their lack of clean sheets.

Also Ferguson believes that the formation will help see Ronaldo return to his natural wing or even partner with Cavani up front if Solskjaer so dearly wants to use Ronaldo inside the box.

But this would only be implemented if Solskjaer decides to give in ear but most likely he will stick to his 4-2-3-1 weird formation that has failed to bring him results.

Tottenham on the other hand aren’t in a good time too as Nuno is faced with sack threats.

Coming up against Man United is as well a decisive game for the former Wolverhampton manager who is eager to save his job.

Tottenham are one point ahead of United who sit 14 points on the 7th position and also at par points with Arsenal who are placed 10th.

A loss will be very detrimental to Man United which Sir Alex Ferguson is trying to help avoid while trying to save Solskjaer’s job.

United will need a win to break back into the top zone or else they crumble into possibly the 10th place.

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