Thu. May 26th, 2022

It seems the Ballon d’Or leak saga is just getting started as a new result surfaces online

Just yesterday, a leaked result which was claimed to be the Ballon d’Or result, made it’s way around the internet.

According to the result, Robert Lewandowski was tagged the winner of the award but it could be otherwise following the latest circulating result.

Following the new leak, Lionel Messi could actually be the main Ballon d’Or winner as he has been ranked above the other nominees.

Below is a picture of the new leak.

The new result shows Messi ranked first with a total point of 645, followed by Lewandowski who is ranked 631 and then Benzema and so on.

Neither of these leaks are proven to be real as we can only know what’s true when it’s officially announced.

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