Thu. May 26th, 2022

Man United having not sacked Ole Solskjaer is one thing many are yet to understand why it’s happening

Since the shameful 5-0 loss against Liverpool, the calls for Ole Solskjaer sack is already hitting the roof.

But the Board has decided against this as they rather prefer to keep him for the next three games to prove himself.

Solskjaer remaining as Man United manager is now more of his results in the next three games as it’s his last chance.

With this in check, will the players be happy to continue working with him after all that has happened lately?

Solskjaer’s poor management skills can’t be hidden anymore as he has mostly been called out for not agreeing to reward players who work hard in trainings with proper game time.

Following a recent report, Paul Pogba has appeared to be in another saga with the Norwegian just days after he was disclosed to have snubbed the manager.

According to MEN, Pogba was absent in Man United’s training this morning and this is understood to be a move to force for Solskjaer’s sack.

Sources closer to the player also did share of his displeasure with the manager who he believes isn’t worthy to be Manager at the club.

Pogba has also made know that he would leave the club by January, if Solskjaer remains manager.

Some goes for Donny Van de Beek who even has gotten most of the fewest game time.

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