Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Germans before the 1hr mark did as well thrash out Bayern Munich same way Liverpool did to Man United

Manchester United may have just been jabbed by the Germans who after their 5-0 victory over Bayern Munich did tag Liverpool.

Bayern in the shocking defeat failed to find a single game as the opponents stormed and disgraced them.

The most interesting part is that Bayern fielded their full squad but failed to find a single goal as Monchengladbach stunned them last night.

Just after the game, the North Rhine-Westphalia based team took to their Twitter page to call out Man United and Liverpool in a strange tweet.

In the tweet, it showed a picture of both games scoreboards, Borussia Moenchengladbach 5:0 Bayern Munich and Manchester United 0:5 Liverpool with a tag “Gladbach 🤝 Liverpool.

Below is a screenshot of the tweet.

Although the tweet is actually a retweet of an original tweet made by B/R Football which tagged Bayern Munich and Manchester United to be partners in loss.

Manchester United are faced with sacking their manager as they hand him three games ultimatum to prove himself.

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