Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Frenchman is known to still be interested in remaining at United but one may wonder why he is still yet to pen an extension

Paul Pogba is skeptic of Man United’s future with Ole Solskjaer in charge as the manager following the past occurrences.

Just like every other player, Pogba is motivated when his side are triumphing although this doesn’t eradicate the fact that loses may come from time to time.

But in a situation when the losses outweigh the wins then it’s definitely a thing of worry for the players.

They possibly start seeking for an escape route, especially those ones who don’t even get game time.

In Pogba’s case, he has been a core part of the project at United and has even been lauded much praises as Cristiano Ronaldo in some cases.

Pogba’s contribution to the squad is inalienable as in one of the matches he grabbed four assists.

Such a player has definitely shown of his great importance in the squad and losing him would come as a major blow for United.

A clear instance is the last two games United slumped to a first half defeat while having the 28-year-old on the bench.

If things get out of hands as they are closely doing, then Pogba could leave United by January possibly to Paris Saint German or even Juventus as the Italians have always wanted him back.

But on the other hand, Pogba is keen to stay at United but only if Solskjaer is leaving. It actually a long while to decode why he has been stalling his extension contract.

Following reports from internal sources, Pogba doesn’t want to remain with Solskjaer at United, so it’s now a case of one person leaving.

Solskjaer is currently close to the exit door following his 5-0 humiliation against Liverpool which Pogba even took a red card just minutes after coming on as a sub.

The club values both men but Pogba is currently more valuable that Solskjaer who has led the team to several shameful defeats including a 4-2 loss to Leicester City prior their 3-2 lucky win against Atalanta.

United are closely watching Solskjaer as he has been given the next three matches to save his head or he will axed.

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