Thu. May 26th, 2022

Ronaldo having talked about when he could possibly retire has left the fans puzzled considering what age he could call it a quit.

Man United ace man, Ronaldo has lately revealed that he would only play football until he is no more fit to kick the ball and run.

This came as a response when a reporter asked him if he plans on quitting national team football anytime soon so as to elongate his club career.

Just as other players do, quitting your career for national side will help assure you more playing time in your respective club.

But it appears the five time Ballon d’Or winner is against this notion and he share that he would only play until he is no more able to run or kick the ball.

In reaction to this, Man United’s former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson appears to have left a huge message for Ronaldo who he shares great ties with.

“He can play to whenever he wishes, he can do many things cause it’s him, it’s Ronaldo,” Ferguson said.

“His ability to break limits are extraordinary, he isn’t one that history holds back, he has proved this many times and when he says am gonna play for a very long time then he is gonna do it.

“I worked with him for a very long time and I know how dedicated towards goals, especially ones that will change the course of history.

“I love the fact that he is the way he is. That he has trained his body to be in such a way is cause of his love for the game.

“Coming to the club now is a great time for the other players. They can learn many things from him. He can help them develop in many ways.”