Thu. May 26th, 2022

According to Fabrizio Romano United could end up sacking Ole Solskjaer today following his humiliating defeat on Sunday

Manchester United could finally be pulling the strings today on Ole Solskjaer despite having assured to have his back.

The Norwegian saw his most humiliating defeating yesterday against Liverpool as even with Ronaldo he failed to find at least a draw.

Keita opened the scoreline before Mohamed Salah booked his Hattrick coupled with Diego Jota slide finish to put United in a uncomfortable state.

With many speculations already throwing in on Solskjaer’s fate at the club, Fabrizio Romano has come forth to provide new updates stating United could end up sacking Ole Solskjaer today depending on the outcome of their meeting.

According to the Italian reporter, no urgent meeting was held over the night following the defeat but a meeting will take place today.

“People inside Manchester United are talking behind the scenes and taking time to make a decision. No meetings happened. Next few hours will be key,” Fabrizio said on YouTube.

“Antonio Conte is open to understanding the [Manchester United] project. Many managers are interested to work but no contacts with any of them in the last hours,” he continued.

“The next hours will be key for Solskjær’s future. A part of the mufc board are still thinking to protect Ole, and another part are thinking about the situation. Nothing has been decided yet.

“Man United board are shocked and disappointed at the 5-0 loss to Liverpool. People inside the club are saying they need ‘some hours’ to decide on Solskjær’s future. No emergency meeting took place during the night.”

More to follow.