Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Red Devils could see a new manager replacing Ole Solskjaer before their next game following the disgraceful show against Liverpool on Sunday

Man United are considering letting Ole Solskjaer leave now following their lose to Liverpool yesterday.

This isn’t just an action fired by the Board members only as inside source discloses some Man United players are also behind this motive.

Over the past games, Ole Solskjaer has decided to stick with same type of players despite having a large squad and yet remained with an unchanged result.

One of the most shocking for the players was when Ole Solskjaer picked to use same squad that slumped to a first half defeat against Atalanta.

Despite knowing how dangerous Liverpool are on their attacking, Solskjaer didn’t bother making any changes as he pushed on field same players as he did against Atalanta.

Following the reports from the dressing room, some Man United players have long lost confidence in the Norwegian as only some of the British players like Maguire are fully supporting him.

Having asked his players to implement a pressing style against Liverpool, a number of players believed the team were not prepared to play in that way because they had not particularly focused on the tactic in training in the days leading up to the game.

Sources claim that Solskjaer’s half-time message in the game against Liverpool was to achieve a clean sheet in the second half.

Harry Maguire’s tenure against Leicester, after just one training session, has been cited internally as an example of Solskjaer’s indulgence towards big names and his lack of trust in other members of his squad.

Knowing Maguire wasn’t fully fit against Leicester and yet still picked him ahead of Eric Bailey who was training for long and ready to play only shows Solskjaer favorites some players over the others despite knowing their fitness state suggests they stay on the bench.

Currently in the dressing room, the feeling is that Jurgen Klopp has highlighted Solskjaer’s limitations.

There is understood to be bemusement among some players that Solskjaer insisted on wanting a big squad but has frozen out players such as Donny van de Beek, Jesse Lingard and Eric Bailly and used others, such as Nemanja Matic, sparingly.

Players like Paul Pogba have already long lost confidence in Ole and that’s supposedly why he has delayed his contract extension to see if the manager will he replaced.

Donny Van de Beek has also recently changed his agent with hopes of forcing a move out come January if a new manager doesn’t come.

Be it as it may, many important players at the club, including Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t happy with the way the team is been managed and push for change to effect as soon as possible.

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