Thu. May 26th, 2022

Man United are on the verge of sacking Ole Solskjaer following his disgraceful display against Liverpool

Man United slumping to a disappointing 5-0 defeat to Liverpool right at Old Trafford has sparked the rethinking part of the Board members.

Prior the match on Sunday, the Board seemed confident having Ole Solskjaer at the wheel despite the previous bad results.

Man United before Liverpool game also had managed to secure a lucky come back victory against Atalanta after falling 2-0 short in the first half.

Many expected similar to happen on Sunday when The Reds took an early 2-0 lead but sadly the first half went on to even end 4-0 and then 5-0 in the second half.

Although no final decision has been made on Ole Solskjaer yet but it’s believed strongly that he may be sacked today following the talks in the background at Old Trafford.

Members of the team are already talking about it and Joe Glazer is yet to arrive Manchester as he lives 5 hours behind the UK time so decisions are yet to be made.

But ahead of this, Antonio Conte has emerged as the next manager who is most inline for the job according to Fabrizio Romano.

Following the reports, Conte has disclosed that he is open for the job and won’t turn it down when it comes.

The Man United hierarchy are aware that Antonio Conte is prepared to return to management at Old Trafford. There has been a reluctance within United to turn to him, but there is also a realisation that he is the best option available.

Meanwhile, with Ed Woodward, the United man has shared his stance on Solskjaer as he is keen on letting the Norwegian leave.

If it’s up to him alone then Solskjaer would have been long gone but it needs to be decided collectively by the Board which makes Solskjaer still manager at this time but unlikely by the next match day.

Solskjær’s support is largely limited to the core of British players and some overseas players. His inability to solve defensive problems and apparent favouritism of under-performing players has led to some openly criticising him while on international duty.

Senior players have become exasperated by Solskjær’s failure to impose his authority on Man United’s forwards – a source cited the lack of understanding between Ronaldo and Greenwood as being down to his inability to force the pair to link up more convincingly.

If Ole isn’t sacked before the Tottenham game then it’s clear the Board will keep him for a longer time.

Also, ESPN states that due to the current issues, Ed Woodward could remain at Man United till next April.