Sun. May 29th, 2022

Man United will take on Liverpool later today as hopes heighten for continuation of their wins

Liverpool will only have on task today and that’s to defeat United but how prepared are they to battle a side that’s equipped with the 5-time Balon d’Or winner?

It’s no news knowing the threats Ronaldo pose as a player, especially when he is in a position where he could do the things he wants.

Since arriving Old Trafford, Ronaldo has mostly been used as a number 9 unlike at Real Madrid when he played as a number 11.

Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Discloses His Preferred Position Ahead Of Liverpool 1

Prior his arrival, many expected to see Ronaldo linking up from the flank while Edinson Cavani strikes at the front.

But since arriving, Ole Solskjaer has shown to have his own plan for the Portuguese who has only scored 3 Premier League goals playing as a Center Forward with two goals coming against Newcastle United.

Ahead of the Liverpool game today, Ronaldo seems to have dropped an informative clue on his preffered role.

According to what Ronaldo said, it’s clear he wants to return to the left flank where he has more space to act.

“The position I play now here in the club is very good. I like it, but you all know where I played when I was at Real Madrid,” Ronaldo said.

“I love that position. The wing, I can run far with the ball and do many dribbles from there, there are a lot of spaces from the flank.

“Not much space in the opponents box cause there are already many there and hardly make space for one to act.

“Maybe very soon I can play in the left flank. I miss playing there. I miss shooting from outside (laughs).

Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Discloses His Preferred Position Ahead Of Liverpool 2

“The game against Atalanta was very good and some times in the game, I even dropped to the left flank cause I miss there.

Man United will be hoping to return to the top four today with a win against Liverpool.

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