Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Portuguese has for long been at the top of his game and from the look of things, many expect he retires soon

Five Time Balon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally revealed when he will stop his footballing career following his epic move back to Old Trafford.

The 36-year-old helped Man United to a stunning come back victory against Atalanta on Wednesday as he stole the last goal of the game through a superb header.

Despite being at the age of his, Ronaldo has remained at the top of his game, this makes people think he is going to play until he is past 50.

Breaking News: Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Discloses Retirement Date 1

Guess, being Ronaldo such isn’t utterly impossible with him considering his work rate and also dedication to meet goals.

Ronaldo has so far stared in 905 club career games of which he materialized 680 goals, breaking several histories and also setting his.

One of the things that make Ronaldo exceptional is his ability to bring history into existence, like becoming the first man to ever get a Premier League exception grant to switch Jersey number after the start of the league.

His contributions to the footballing world would clearly be missed when he is no more playing but until then, Ronaldo will probably still be around for the next 2 years or even more.

Following his comments during an interview, it shows Ronaldo could actually play until 50 before retiring as he was quizzed on the retirement plans.

But the interviewer didn’t ask straight question, instead he asked if Ronaldo was planning to retire from National football so as to prolong his club football career.

Ronaldo has a total of 216 appearances for Portugal with a 133 goals to his name across this period of 2021 till date.

“But why? I think it’s not my time yet. It’s not what people want, it’s what I want,” Ronaldo said on if he would retire soon so as to extend his club playing career.

“It’s when I feel that I’m not capable to run, to dribble, to shoot, if the power is gone… but I still have that stuff so I want to continue because I’m still motivated.”

Breaking News: Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Discloses Retirement Date 2

Following his comments it appears Ronaldo’s retirement date is that very day he discovers he can’t run, dribble or shoot anymore due to power-loss from ageing.

Clear to see another history to be made by the former Real Madrid ace attacker.

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