Thu. May 26th, 2022

Salah has been in am impressive form for quite a long time now, no wonder he is compared to Ronaldo

Just the normal thing fans does, Salah is been compared to Cristiano Ronaldo despite knowing how far apart both men are.

Both trophy wise and personal achievement wise, Ronaldo is far ahead of Mohamed Salah but the comparisons is just inevitable.

Although, Salah is currently having a better Premier League season compared to Ronaldo, it just doesn’t qualify him for any comparison with the five time Balon d’Or winner.

Just In: Jurgen Klopps Drops Verdict Ronaldo vs Salah Comparison 1

Similar thing Jurgen Klopp believes as he isn’t interested in comparing both stars considering that both have their individual capabilities.

But Klopp did although state that Salah may have e better left foot compared to Cristiano Ronaldo who he acknowledged the power of his right foot and also ability to win ariel battles.

Salah is currently leading the highest goal scorer list for the season with 7 goals while Ronaldo sits far behind with just 3 goals since his epic return to the league.

Speaking on the comparisons, Klopp said; “I’ve never thought about that. Both are world class players. Ronaldo’s left foot is not that bad but Mo Salah’s is probably better!

“Cristiano is probably better in the air and with his right foot. Speed-wise, both are quick and both are desperate to score goals but I am not too interested in comparing, sorry.”

Liverpool need at least a draw to continue their chase for the top spot as they sit just 1 point behind Chelsea but a victory will serve them better.

Just In: Jurgen Klopps Drops Verdict Ronaldo vs Salah Comparison 2

Meanwhile, Man United are strongly fighting to return to the top spot after dropping to the 6th position following a saddening loss to Leicester City.