Sun. May 29th, 2022

Jesse Lingard and Pogba’s combo stylish celebrations are some of the few things that make them so loved by United fans

Following comments by Jesse Lingard, it appears Bruno Fernandes had failed to stick to what they both had agreed in one of their matches.

Just like he does with Pogba, Jesse shared that he had arranged a celebration style with Bruno Fernandes prior their game against Newcastle United.

United came on to stun Newcastle United in a 4-1 scoreline with both Lingard and Fernandes booking spots on the scoreboard alongside Cristiano Ronaldo who bagged a brace.

Jesse Lingard Explains How Bruno Fernandes Failed To Stick To Their Celebration Style Plan 1

But contrary to what they both had planned, Bruno Fernandes who scored first went on to celebrate in the way he normally does.

This made Jesse Lingard to do same despite both men agreeing to do each others celebration as Jesse sent words to Bruno Fernandes saying;

“You said you was going to do my celebration bro and I was going to do yours [against Newcastle].

“You ran off crazy and did your own celebration, then I scored and did my own. It’s the adrenaline you forget.”

Lingard is always exceptional with his celebrations, he had even one time in the recent past combined his celebration with that of Ronaldo’s siiiuuu.

After the game, the 28-year-old shared that he had done so only to show respect to Ronaldo who he considers as his idol.

Wonder what Ronaldo’s siiiuuu celebration means? Here is what Jesse said Ronaldo told him of the Siiiuuu celebration.

Jesse Lingard Explains How Bruno Fernandes Failed To Stick To Their Celebration Style Plan 2

Manchester United on Wednesday did produce a resounding come back victory against UCL opponent, Atalanta with Ronaldo scoring the final goal of the game.

The Red Devils will take on their next encounter battle Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday as they continue chase for the Premier League top zone.