Thu. May 26th, 2022

Ronaldo has urged the youngster to put in more works to avoid such cases reoccurring

Ronaldo is Man United’s savior for the night as his fine finish helped secure victory for Man United on Wednesday night.

Having fell to slumping first half defeat, Man United bounced back in style with also Marcus Rashford opening the score line for United.

Before Harry Maguire made it an equalizer just minutes after Rashford put United on recovery way.

Ronaldo Makes Huge Comment Amid Marcus Rashford One-on-one Miss 1

Cristiano Ronaldo ran the show as he normally does, given how affiliated he feels with the Champions League.

While they celebrate their victory that also saved Ole Solskjaer’s face, Ronaldo has taken the time to send words to young Marcus Rashford who failed to put United on the lead early in the first half when opportunity presented itself.

“It was a good game tonight, we are all happy,” Ronaldo told reports. “It’s a goal for me and am happy to help the team.

“We sadly did slack early in the game when we ended the first half with no goal but only Atalanta scoring the goals.

“Rashy had the opportunity the score the first goal but he was little dull with the shooting and that failed to enter the net.

“Maybe next time he can work harder to gain stronger finish in front goalkeepers cause that’s what makes him a good striker.

Ronaldo Makes Huge Comment Amid Marcus Rashford One-on-one Miss 2

“He is a talented boy and also scoring justifies that he is a good player and will develop to be one of the bests.