Thu. May 26th, 2022

Senegal are one of the top-performing teams in the world, and they were the runners-up of the previous African Cup of Nations. Meanwhile, Togo are one of the worst in the continent, and had not even qualified for the Cup of Nations. Surely expect the former to have the edge.

Senegal are ranked 21st in the world, as opposed to their counterparts being placed 131st in the same list. They are also on a great run at the moment, and are determined to make it to the World Cup.

In addition, they are currently at the top of the Qualifiers table for the next edition of the African Cup of Nations, and that too on an unbeaten streak.

In the meantime, Togo are on a poor streak at the moment, and are conceding goals in huge numbers.

They are also on a poor stretch of performances on the road, and most importantly, they are at the bottom of the table for the Cup of Nations Qualifiers – that too with a winless record.