Thu. May 26th, 2022

Wolfsburg is the only team in the Bundesliga that achieved two victories after two rounds and thus took 1st place. The victories over Hertha and Bochum still cannot answer whether this team has the strength to fight for the very top of the table because there are definitely many stronger teams.

Leipzig is a successful project that has been developing for some time. This squad has become a club of a strong middle European class in the last ten years, and they are always in the projection for one of the first 5-6 places on the table. A convincing triumph against Stuttgart compensated for the defeat by Mainz in the first round in the second round 4-0

Wolfsburg will have to be very prepared in every way to achieve a positive result against a team that has experience playing in the Champions League for several seasons. Interestingly, both teams will be participating in the CL 2021/22 season. Leipzig is a financially stable club covered well in all positions, and most importantly, for this league, that is very efficient, 5 of the last 7 matches ended with both teams scoring at least one goal.