Thu. May 26th, 2022

Atletico Madrid started the new season with six points from two matches. In the opening round, they won 2-1 on the road against Celta Vigo. After that, Diego Simeone’s team won 1-0 at home vs Elche. 

Atletico Madrid had classical Simeone’s game against Elche. They scored a goal in the 39th minute when Angel Correa found the net. Since then, the home side was satisfied, so they started to play on counter-attacks. Elche didn’t have any big chances to score, so Atletico Madrid secured another win. 

Villarreal started the 2021-22 season with two draws. They played 0-0 at home against Granada and 0-0 on the road vs Espanyol. 

Villarreal is showing so far many problems in the attacking part. Their midfield didn’t create enough chances for forwards. In the second round, Villarreal was evenly matched with Espanyol, so there is no wonder that two teams won one point.