Thu. May 26th, 2022

Bordeaux finished the 2020/21 season of the French Ligue 1 in 12th place. There were ups and downs, and that position turned out certainly as a reality. They were undefeated in the preparatory matches for the new season, but when the championship started, certain weaknesses came to the surface, and Bordeaux won only 1 point in 2 matches played. 0-2 against Clermont and slightly better performance against Marseille 2-2

Angers is one of a couple of teams that catapulted very high in the first two rounds. Convincing victories against Strasbourg 2-0 and especially against one of the top teams, Lyon 3-0 mark this team as a possible very important factor in the continuation of the championship. Angers had just one position below Bordeaux in the previous Ligue 1 season.

By many parameters, such as tradition, for example, and Angers’ recent form, guests even have a small advantage in this duel against Bordeaux, but I expect that Bordeaux will play much more cautiously and defensively than they project in the opposite squad.

Bordeaux Team News

Bordeaux was not too active in the transfer period, and that, in a way, took revenge on them because the team did not experience much-needed refreshment in the playing staff. The players who arrived mainly through loans and the coach has a lot of work to do in order for many in this team to progress.

Angers Team News

The value of Angers players on the market at the moment is around EUR 70 million, and it would have been significantly higher if they had not sold one of the best Ait Nouri players in Wolverhampton for EUR 11 million. However, the results of this team at the beginning of the season do not show a decline in quality, and the price of these players will certainly be higher next summer.