Singer songwriter and filmmaker Rob Finlay offers a heady mix of dreamy elegant folk and classic rock with an edgy acoustic twist. Poetic song writing and soaring vocals create an epic and atmospheric backdrop for lyrical themes to which everyone can relate. All this wrapped up tight in a dynamic and melodic delivery.


“Robʼs single Stone Dead and Rising proved popular with readers of my Fresh On The Net Blog and among listeners of our BBC Introducing Mixtape where I featured it the following week… Call Rob a songwriter or call him a singer – both of which he patently is – but not a singer-songwriter. He’s so much better than that”.
Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music

“Technically, Rob is from London, not Ireland, but his songs conjure similar images of desolate, rain-soaked fields of green hills, trees poking through the mist, time standing still in an endless embrace of the somber.  Lead off single “Stone Dead & Rising” is a prime example of the skill Rob weaves through is tales.  Moody to the point of heartbreaking, Rob’s voice soars and undulates around the mournful melody.  Lavish production fleshes this song out, and after hearing it, I’d be convinced it’s an ageless classic from the misty northlands of England.  But all 10 songs are just as strong, a mix of the gentle acoustic tenderness of “She’s Give Up on Today,” and the more rousing “Hero.” Start to finish, it’s an album of uncompromising vision and beauty.  My new theme for the pensive moods”.
Todd Severin –


Tori Amos, Goo Goo Dolls, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Rush & Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Eagles, Nirvana, Manic Street Preachers, Nick Drake, Bob Mould, Neil Young, Soundgarden, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot and traditional music played raw in the pubs of Ireland.